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As salaam Alayk, I’requi Umm Khadeejah from Jamaica. Is it ‘ok’ to want to memorize as much of the Qur’aan or all of Bi ithenilah for the sole purpose of self benefit as well as to benefit my offsprings by Allah’s permission and grace……I’ve completed a few courses that led up to a hafidh course (tuhfatul aTfaal, Jamzooree etc), but I must say I haven’t retained everything and somehow I feel as if I’m not doing justice to the course…..I don’t think I fit the criteria of ‘student of knowledge’ because I just memorize what’s required to present to my teacher. I feel I’m cheating somewhat…but I do it because it helps me to spend my time in a more meaningful way and I pray Allah makes it easy for me to fulfil this noble task so I can have a high station in jannah (May Allah grant it to us all Aameen) I have no intention to teach etc…So obtaining an ijaazah is not my objective. I have been following your clips pin how to memorize etc ….and I also listen to your video clips (rewaayah ibn Katheer) because that’s the Qiraa’a I’m memorizing in. Also, does ink offer an hafidh course….with one on one teaching ? I memorize on my own then present to my ustaadh….and I’m thinking if it’d be easier should I sit in front of a teacher while memorizing . Hope I didn’t confuse Yaa sheik….I’m just confused and out of sorts right now. I May know what to do in terms of the tajweed rules etc….but if you should ask me….I May not know how to explain clearly etc, hence why I feel I’m not doing justice to my studies because I don’t review as I should …I know studying requires putting in sufficient time to review etc…I’m married with 3 girks(eldest 10yrs)….right now I just try to review what I’ve memorized thus far along with the page I have to memorize ….I’m not complaining yaa Sheikh…but it does has it’s challenges so I just need some guidelines bi ithenilah. May Allah preserve you and your family up on khaayr and all Muslims Aameen Yaa Rabb. Jazakallahu khair

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