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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.



Sheikh this is Mohamed (Som), Immam of Tarawih at Al-haqq. I could not attend your last Tahajud at Indy. If you receive this e-mail please respond soonest you can.

1. If you could please kindly record from Fatihah to Al-nas.
2. If you caoul also record Some of the Mutoon such as: a. Al-jazariyah b. Tuhfatul Al-atfal c. Al-Bayqoniyah. d. Al-rahbiyah fi ilmil fara’id.

Wajazakallahu khayraJazakallahu khayra!
M. Hussein

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