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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.


Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-rahim
As-salamalayka wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh ya Imam

I am a young man in college who is about to graduate soon and enter the market force soon insha Allah and there is a lot of questions about halal and haram going through my mind.

My first question is about Riba. Are we allowed under any circumstances to take a loan from banks in the US or anywhere else in the world?

I talked to an Imam, and he said to me that Muslims in the west have no choice but to turn towards the bank in order to live a descent life. He said, a house and car are necessities and if no one person is willing to lend you that much money at no interest, it is okay to take a loan. What do you say on this ya sheikh.

My second question is, are we allowed to work under any circumstances for a bank? I am an electrical engineer, can I work for a bank as an electrical engineer? or any other position not in the finances of the bank? Can someone even work for a bank?

Thirdly, if my father takes a loan with interest and gives me some of the money. Is that money lawful to me?

Fourth, if I do not pay taxes to the government, will Allah ask me about that? Meaning, is it unlawful in Islam to not pay taxes to the government?

Firth, If I do not agree with how the government spends money (a lot of corruption, people stealing, bad/useless investments), am I allowed to not pay the taxes to government and spend the money myself in more appropriate ways ?

Jazak’Allah khayran ya Sheikh
Salam Alayka

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