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Salam alaiykum cheikh okasha. I got married to man that I thought he had a deen inside him and I also thought he was strong believer but when I married to him I found out he was not he was not the same person I was thinking of. He is disrespectful to me he course my parent everyday he lied to me sometimes he don’t even pray his five daily prayer .He took money over everything and he has no respect for has came to a point I have patient enough not to answer him but now he has got over my limit now there is no respect between us .sometimes even when I tell at him back I feel bad I feel guilty I don’t want to be talk back at him I don’t want to courses at him but he has got to point of limit. I don’t know what to do if I should ask for a divorce or what .I really need some to explain my problem to no one seems to understand me

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