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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.

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salam alaykum, masha Allah I have some question , after watching the videos of sheikh okasha. May Allah reward him.

1) is it permissible to pray in a masjid built in a grave yard.

2) is it permisiblle to combine intetions upon multiple ibaadah

e.g combining the intention of tahiyat al masjid and salatul duha

fasting sitta shawal and ayyam al beed

jazakumullahu khairan

3) what is back bitting is complaining about someone backbiting?

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Backbiting, Combining Intentions, Praying in Graveyard | Sh. Okasha Kameny | INK TV Q&A
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