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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.


Assalamu Aleykom Sheik Okasha and InkTV team; Firstly i want to apologize for my english and then I present myself ; My name is Adam , i’m from Italy and I have a really serious problem regarding shirk. When I returned to my deen ,in october 2016 , -if I remember- I didn’t had any problem of shirk or any thoughts about shirk but , in the last 5/6 months, (I know it’s sounds a really short time) ,really bad / awful / disrispectful / scary and unimaginable thoughts , that words can not describe, about our Creator Allah (SWT) comes to my mind and didn’t want to get out . I am really really struggling with this mind problem because these thoughts are images and pictures that flashes in my mind in the exact moment when i have Dhikr of Allah(SWT) ; in the 80% of the time , when i see an image or a video about something not normal , that picture stays in my mind and keeps flashing when i try to remember Allah (SWT) even in my prayers i litterally stay 1 hour for 2 Rakat (For Example : Surat Fatiha + Surat Ikhlas) when other people recites MashaAllah half of Surat Al Baqara ; i stay that long time because I try to apologize to Allah(SWT) but the evil thoughts overcome my mind. I tried my best to stay focused but it last only for a few seconds , in the last week i tried to ignore these thoughts but i noticed that my mind keeps saying “ignore these thoughts” as if my mind waits the picture of shirk to stay focused and to remember Allah(SWT) (Astaghfirullah). Yes because unfortunately my mind waits until a pictures comes , then i erase it and i apologize to Allah(SWT) and i have a few seconds without any pictures or thoughts of shirk. This problem happens every single day and I am really tired and stressed , I know that only Allah(SWT) can help me and my hopes are only for Allah(SWT) but In’ Sha Allah I will have some advice from you because wAllahi if i have to give my eyes to remove this pictures/thoughts , I will give them without any thought. I apologize for bothering the InkTV Staff and Sheik Okasha , may Allah (SWT) reward you in this life and the after life with Jannat Al Firdaus and Assalamu Aleykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

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