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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.


Assalamu alaikum…Please i would appreciate if Sheikh Okasha can personally answer me even after the Ramadan to serve as a guide for me in the future cos we have no local imam(s) with the knowledge and aqeedah here in the city i live who can clarify this confusion.
I am from Nigeria but live and study in Arkhangelsk (Russia). Averagely Ramadan here is about 22hours+, like today am writing Fajr 0:19 and Maghrib 23:02
So basically i have been fasting for 22hours+ but some of my friends break their fast abt 19:00 or so using the Mecca time. My Questions are:
1) What is the real time to fast here in this type of city where at this period we have white nights(basically no nights). In it permissible to use Mecca time? or i have to persevere with the 22+ fasting? I want real guidance from your knowledge please to do away with this confusion i am faced with.
2) Since nights are still bright, what is the right time to do qiyamullail
3)There are days Isha’i and Maghrib fall on same time…when can one do nafilah and qiyamullail in these days as well
4)As a student most times i avoid shaking hands with the females but this type of environment is practically inconceivable for me and i fear my fasting are always broken
5)We are always in class or lectures during the day and they not kind of people who stop or excuse person for prayers and i miss my prayers even in months that are not Ramadan so i basically join most of prayers on coming back home especially zuhr, asr and sometimes maghrib///this can be tiring and i hear one can pray silently in the mind in these periods? how can i go about that? cos most tmes i feel i am in a state of impurity cos i always feel i have not cleaned my private part enough after urinating as their toilets or loo are not ‘muslim sensitive’ for proper cleaning.

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