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May 27, 2017  |  Shaykh Okasha will be unable to answer questions during Ramadan. We urge you to seek advice from your local imam during this time.

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Please brother Okasha i have request to you brother.
please can you make special speech or a good lecture in arabic language to remind our syrians brothers here in europe and other places please?
since they are here in europe most of them they do not perform swalaa
many of there woman now they asking talaqa because of good surport from the goverments
drinking alcohol
this life here make them to forget akhera and death and forget what happened in syria some they dont even care.
so please remind them with strong speach please then we can spread it to them.

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نصيحة لإخواننا وأخواتنا السوريين في أوروبا | الشيخ عكاشة كميني
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